What inspires you?

     When I read a story that touches me in some way, I often wonder what inspired someone to write it. Hearing the process other writers go through is always interesting – and generally very different from my own process.  So what is inspiration or what does it mean to be inspired?  I have to admit I know what it feels like but had to stop and think about the meaning.

      Inspire:  to stimulate somebody to do something; to provoke a particular feeling; to cause creative activity.   Its origin is from the Latin word “ispiratio” meaning… Continue reading

Opening lines: What they teach us

bonepedlarFor writers, one of the most difficult parts of the book is the beginning. Not only where in the story to begin, but also how. Those first lines are especially important in captivating a reader, especially in this age of free e-reader samples.

So here I offer some first lines that have captivated me; others appeared in Mystery Scene magazine. I’ll explain what’s so good about them:

This one made me buy the book:

“In the crypt of the abbey church at Hallowdene, the monks were boiling… Continue reading

Electronic Helpers

This is the information age. Our brains are so overloaded with information from multiple sources that we have a hard time keeping track of everything. We are bombarded from all sides with information – online and offline. When we are online we check our email, update our status on Facebook and check to see what all our friends and family and doing. We tweet, retweet and read tweets. We have our favorite blogs bookmarked. Then there is our smart phone – we can be online wherever we are – we can even check our email in the bathroom or on… Continue reading