Crime Lab Visit

One of my favorite shows is NCIS, and one of the most interesting characters on it is forensics specialists Abby Sciuto, who singlehandedly seems to handle all types of evidence—from DNA to firearms to automobile.

Suffolk County Crime LabReal life, however, is quite different. Recently, I was able to tour the Suffolk Crime Lab on Long Island, New York, with a group of writers. The 40-person Crime Lab does what one person, Abby, does on the show. The scientists on staff are all civilians with degrees in science, and they… Continue reading

ThrillerFest – Part 2

AgentFest. It’s exciting.  It’s intimidating.  There are long lines.  And then there’s that two minute rush of pitching an agent.  All the preparation?  Definitely worth every minute.

This was my first year at ThrillerFest/CraftFest/AgentFest as I mentioned in my prior blog entry.  The information on the website about pitching is very good.  The “pitch” panel was also helpful but covered a lot of the same material.  During and after the panel, there were individual consultations available but people stood in line for a very long time.  One gentleman I spoke with stood in line, left to… Continue reading