Another Year’s Growth

2014 calendarOrdinarily, the onset of a new year brings on a sense of melancholy. I feel as though I’m losing something that I can never get back. You know, like the song lyrics, “Should auld acquaintance be forgot?” This year I decided to look back on 2013 with a more positive eye and focus on all that I’ve accomplished as a writer.

I was surprised at what I discovered. The most important result of my evaluation turned out to be growth, growth in confidence and growth in skill. In the… Continue reading

Three Words – An Alternative to New Year’s Resolutions

I’m not much on resolutions. I don’t find that I keep them for very long – or that others do either. But as I was following tweets and reading a few blog posts, I saw a few entries about finding 3 words for the new year. It’s a new take on an old concept and it resonated with me.

My three words are: Connect, Create and Contribute. I’ve chosen three words that can be broadly interpreted, can allow me to make large or small changes, and that are easily remembered.

Writing through Madness

When I began this post I didn’t think I was going to have fun writing it. After all, madness is one of the most feared conditions of humankind.  But plow on, dear reader, and enter the sometimes rollicking world of manic-depression (Now so charmingly called bi-polar disorder. Presumably, the head is North and you make your way down South to your toes.) This new bi-polar disorder is all over the media and everyone all at once has it. If you don’t, your friend does or your friend’s friend does. Psychiatrists are doing a booming business. The ABC network even has… Continue reading

The Optimistic Novelist

Part One 2013

The website guru who runs Mostly Mystery, Linda, has given us several topics to write about this month, two of which are the past year and the present year in our writing lives. I can do that. However, my 2013 writing year needs a little prior information leading up to it.

I had so much fun writing my memoir in 2010 that I decided maybe I could write a novel. The fact that several of my friends and acquaintances have unpublished novels in their attics and basements did not slow me… Continue reading

e-Book? Beware!

Discounted books. Who can resist? Certainly not this reader. Although my Kindle is full of titles, a lot I haven’t had time to read, the email from Amazon, advertising its Kindle deal of the day, pulled me in. It advertised books by J.D. Robb (Nora Roberts) for $1.99.Nora+Roberts

Nora Roberts, under any name, is one of my favorite authors, so the prospect of buying her books at a discount had me hurrying to the site. I found so many choices that I stopped reading the synopses and chose two. About to check… Continue reading