What Happened to My Time?

writing handOne month off! Hallelujah, I can write. 

I should be able to finish the manuscript I’ve been working on. What could possibly get in the way?

Of course, I do have my doctor’s appointments scheduled for this down time, so that will take a chunk out of a couple of days. And I do have two staff meetings for work and my student’s graduation. But again, that will only pull out a few more chunks time. Oh, and then there’s the wedding, three hours away in North Conway… Continue reading

Some Difficult Truths about Becoming a Published Author (Part 3)

[From my first two posts on this topic: Even in this age of self-publishing, many writers still look for an agent or publisher. If you are one of those people, read on to hear some truths about the hunt. The first difficult truth is that you must spend a great deal of time doing research. The second truth is that you have to follow their directions for submitting your work. Neglecting either of these truths generally results in a rejection email or no email at all.]

Rule three is to be resolute and take rejection in stride… Continue reading

Smelling the Roses and Other Sensory Items

Margo and I chose the same topic this month discussing sensory details, but from slightly different perspectives.

valentine-red-rose-2I think we’ve all heard the old saying to “Stop and Smell the Roses.” It has its own meaning but we also have a memory of how a rose smells.  Our sense of smell is located in  the same part of our brain that effects emotions, memory, and creativity, so it is no wonder that most think that it is our strongest sense when it comes to memories.   When you hear that, do you recall… Continue reading

Sensory Detail — Did I Achieve My Goal?

When you write your story, how much detail do you provide? Is it the correct detail, too much, too little?

cameraI’m always fighting to get the small, but important, things right. When I read, I’m interested in the setting. Not only the “where”, but also how the “where” feels. I want to be there, see the place through the character’s eyes. When I re-read writing that I loved, that kept me involved in the character, I see that the writer used the senses to pull me in.

Some Difficult Truths about Becoming a Published Author (Part 2)

[From my first post on this topic: I often speak with people who tell me they have written a novel which is quietly gathering dust in their attics. For various reasons, they were not able to find a publisher. In this publishing age, people can self-publish quite easily and relatively cheaply. Still, some would-be novelists would like to find “a real publisher.” If you are one of those people, gentle reader, I have some difficult truths about how that happens. Read on at your own risk.

As someone who will have her first published mystery out in November from… Continue reading