A Room with a View

When I planned my move I knew I would be mostly working from home.   Lots of light and a view to the outside became one of the most important considerations.  I’m one of those people who like to have some framework to work within.  For puzzles, I always start with the border.  In my writing, I almost always have a general idea of where it starts and ends.  It changes over time, but it’s a place to begin.  While it might sound strange to some people, in thinking about where I wanted to live, that was the starting point.

shelves My writing area is the same.  I have bookcases on both sides of me.  One side is full of books and materials relating to my law practice.  The other bookcase is full of items relating to my writing that includes reference materials and favorite books. Then there are the inspiration pieces – ones that make me think or laugh, or are from places that I have visited.     Most are handmade reminding me that all it takes is the ability to imagine it – and it is possible.   And they remind me to think outside of my normal routines and comfort zones.

bulletin board   I also have a bulletin board holding maps and pictures of my characters or places around the town that is the backdrop of my story.  The town is real and I use real places in my story but it really only serves as the inspiration for my story town.  The board fits nicely behind the door so no one sees it but me so it can be messy.  Right now, its uncluttered since I am still unpacking some items, but I’ve found it’s an easy way for me to remember what the protagonist’s house looks like or what the parks look like in spring.

But its not all whimsy and views, I have all the expected and necessary technology items here – the computer, the pens, and my other research materials.  I sometimes write in longhand although mostly I use the computer.    I have time scheduled for my different pursuits but having the ability to glance outside and see the squirrels in my garden, a new bud,  a bluebird on a limb or the snow falling last week are all treats that keep me motivated and provide quick breaks from all the time in front of a computer. office view

When I moved into my new place,  I loved the greenery of the trees but the shade and acorns meant I had moss for grass.  So I have imagined a new view – its in the early stages since it was begun just before the winter months.  I have the basics in place and a few plants.  This year, I’ll add new plants and ferns and be able to watch it flower.  As with my writing, it’s a work in progress but the planning, the planting and seeing it grow and blossom into something more than my original idea will be challenging and fun.

Where do you write?  What’s the most important part aspect of  your writing area?

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