So Who’s Telling This Story Anyway? And other tips.

images[6]Point of View has always been important but seems to be a bit of a hot topic these days. It’s a powerful device and one of the first decisions a writer needs to make. Getting it right the first time saves a lot of time in re-writing.

John Gilstrap recently spoke at the meeting for my local writers’ group, Riverside Writers. John writes commercial thrillers and so it was with great interest that I listened to the tips he had for us. While this blog is mostly about mysteries, I found… Continue reading

The Importance of Editors and Beta Readers

As a reader years ago, I often thought that authors simply sat down and wrote their books from beginning to end. Sure, they did some editing, but otherwise it was a chronological process with an occasional bumpy, but mostly smooth, road. Now that I write books, I see how naïve I was.

ThreeMayKeepASecretFront My first novel, Three May Keep a Secret, comes out in November. Before I began looking for a publisher, I hired an excellent freelance editor to give the manuscript a once over. Not only was it the best… Continue reading

My views on Points of View

Point of View

Point of View

There are many points of view that we, as writers, can use to craft our stories:  third person (close or omniscient), first person, and second person.  I think it may have to do with how we view ourselves, and the world around us.

We have our internal viewpoint, where we are inside ourselves looking out at the world.  This is our subjective point of view, where emotions and thoughts are internal – sometimes expressed and sometimes kept hidden.  This is the… Continue reading

I Do, You Do, or She Does?

What to do with Point of View? Every story has a Point of View (POV), so that the reader knows who is telling the story, protagonist or narrator, and how they’re telling it.

Sounds like an easy decision, but it’s not. How do you know which POV works best for your story?

readingI struggled for a while with that decision. Once I figured out the difference between POVs, I tried to decide which would be the easiest to write. Then I worried about which POV the reader would prefer… Continue reading

Gender Conumdrum

An odd thing happened on the way to publishing my first book. I wound up writing it in Male First Person Point of View.

There are lots of books out there by women writing from the male perspective, but not so many I could find who’d gone the next step and carried it into the first person. In the same way, writing courses now abound on Male POV but are just beginning to incorporate the special challenges of writing cross- gender in first person.

Why is that?

I think intimacy is the key.  We can all learn… Continue reading