It’s Award Season – Time for a Quiz

It’s January, so it must be awards season.  I watched one such show and noted once again the connection to books.  Lots of biographies this year.  That made me wonder.  What films are based on mysteries?   After a bit of research, I recognized some but not all.  It seems like the trend of changing the name of the film from the name of the book died out at some point.  Likely since marketing both under the same name makes more sense.   Still there were enough that I thought would fill out a short quiz – and we haven’t done that… Continue reading

First Novels – Do you know these?

I thought it would be fun to try a new challenge for a new month. The names should all be familiar – they are current or influential mystery writers. These authors also cross genres in some instances but I have tried to keep this to authors who write a lot or mostly mysteries. Do you know what their first novel was? Again, I don’t really have a score for this but there are 14 of them and I’ll be curious how many you know or can reason out. Please post your score if you’d like.

As I was working… Continue reading