Digital Library Trends

libraryAs a writer, I think in terms of getting words on the page and telling the stories.  But I also realize that being aware of what’s going on in the business is important, especially since it seems to be changing so rapidly.   One area that has been discussed a lot by authors is how e-books fit into the library system.

Michael Kozlowski’s article Digital Library Trends for 2015 has some interesting information.  The report quotes a report by Library Journal that… Continue reading

Strategies for 2015

I began drafting this blog post with the intention to write about my plans for 2015, but then I started thinking about how making plans doesn’t mean that they will work out at all.

Trite sayings like “best laid plans of mice and men”, “God laughs when we make plans”, etc., etc., popped into my head.  I’m not sure why I am hesitating to make plans for this year because I’ve always believed that to realize dreams, goals have to be set; and to reach goals, plans must be made.

I’ve never been an overly obsessive planner despite… Continue reading

Trouble Writing? Read.

Me & Jasper

Me & Jasper

My love of reading has taken me to wonderful places with so many different characters. If you ask me what kind of books I like, I can’t come up with just one type. Reading has always been cathartic to me, and I can get hooked on any piece of good writing.

As a child, I loved Nancy Drew. Those books ignited my love for mysteries. Then, writers like Pearl S. Buck, Robert Michener and Irving Stone caught my imagination and I… Continue reading

The Importance of Editors and Beta Readers

As a reader years ago, I often thought that authors simply sat down and wrote their books from beginning to end. Sure, they did some editing, but otherwise it was a chronological process with an occasional bumpy, but mostly smooth, road. Now that I write books, I see how naïve I was.

ThreeMayKeepASecretFront My first novel, Three May Keep a Secret, comes out in November. Before I began looking for a publisher, I hired an excellent freelance editor to give the manuscript a once over. Not only was it the best… Continue reading

Another Year’s Growth

2014 calendarOrdinarily, the onset of a new year brings on a sense of melancholy. I feel as though I’m losing something that I can never get back. You know, like the song lyrics, “Should auld acquaintance be forgot?” This year I decided to look back on 2013 with a more positive eye and focus on all that I’ve accomplished as a writer.

I was surprised at what I discovered. The most important result of my evaluation turned out to be growth, growth in confidence and growth in skill. In the… Continue reading

A Second Challenge – Do you know these books?

I thought Susan’s challenge was fun so I decided a second one with last lines might be interesting. This is a bit harder (at least for me) so I’ve listed the books below that I’ve drawn from – they range from classics to science fiction and everywhere in between. Each has been around for a long time so I’m sure you will recognize them. I don’t really have a score for this and will be curious how many you know or can reason out. Please post your score if you’re willing.

What is on Kestrel’s Bedside Table

I have a veritable ton of books on my bedside table:  some raunchy romance, some gentler romance, some biography, some histories, some humorous, some nutrition / health, some kind of environmental, and some kind of children/youth literature.  However these titles do not include the list on my Kindle and on my iPhone (Kindle App) – that is like having a library in your pocket!  But then, should I also include the audio books in the car?

Since it would take too long to go into everything I will select the four strangest books to talk about today for those… Continue reading

So many books – so little time

I tend to ignore what exactly is in my stack of books to read.  It is constantly changing – additions and books/magazines I’ve finished.  But its an ever growing pile so I never know what exactly I will find at any given moment.  I love books – I love the feel of them and turning the pages.  Not that I don’t love my Kindle too – but I grew up reading books in the library and I don’t think I will ever tire of holding them in my hands.

The current stack has a wide variety – I have… Continue reading

Under the bed, in the bookshelf, on the floor – egads!

My other Mostly Mystery colleagues have been writing about the books they’re reading, so I thought I’d take a crack at it, too.

The first thing I noticed is I have stacks of books everywhere that I INTEND to read and a whole lot fewer that I AM reading. The ones I plan to read are probably more interesting than those already in the mill.

For one thing, I frequently challenge myself to read the classics. I had a pretty good grounding in these at one time but then veered off in other directions.  So, a copy of… Continue reading