FLASH ! FREE Scrivener Webinar, Thursday, May 21, 2015

scrivener coach“How To Use Scrivener to Write, Organize, & Export  Your Book into Various Formats for Printing, Editing, & Publishing”

Thursday, May 21, at 3 p.m. Eastern Time

I’m a great proponent of Scrivener,scrivener logo the “writing” program that lets you organize, format and export your finished work. Scrivener, in beta form, came along at a time when I was tearing my hair out trying to  get control of my first novel. For me, as for so many others, it proved a lifesaver; I’ve used it ever after.

Scrivener comes with an impressive array of featuresscrivener screen and the good folks at Literature & Latte, the parent company, keep tweaking the program. Thus, there’s a lot to learn about it.win-compile_options scrivener win-write_structure_revise scrivenerIf you’re completely new to Scrivener or if you’re already a user but interested in improving your skills, this should be a great webinar for you.

Hosts are best-selling author Joanna Penn http://www.thecreativepenn.com/blog/

and Scrivener Coach Joseph Michael http://www.josephmichael.net/scrivener-coach/

The session will include a live Q&A as well as a recorded version of the event, plus a free e-book: “Focus & Productivity Secrets.”

Here again is where you can learn more about the webinar and register to attend: https://learnscrivenerfast.leadpages.net/reg-page-joanna-penn-5-21/

See you there!

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