Welcome to our Mostly Mystery group blog

Carolyn, Lynn, Jane, Lourdes and I welcome you to our Mostly Mystery group blog. We’re going to start off with a bang … the mystery writers equivalent to a dead body on the first page … but you’ll have to wait until next month…March 4th to be exact.

4 thoughts on “Welcome to our Mostly Mystery group blog

  1. Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging. There will be days when you hate it, but if you stick it out, the blog will provide a promotional tool for your own books and shorts as well as for others’ works. I’m not familiar with WordPress since I blog with Blogger, but there is a Guppy class that might be very handy for all of you that starts on Sunday! That wasn’t an intentional plug, I just realized that it could be useful. I’m looking forward to your posts and sharing information. Good luck–Elaine

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