It’s Christmas! Where Are Your Characters?

What would your characters do for Christmas?

Most of us have our stories wrapped around a mystery, life-threatening situation, or problems associated with fantastical conditions. Our main focus isn’t usually on holidays. So, what would the holidays look like for our characters? For instance, if they celebrate Christmas, who would be giving gifts and to whom? If not Christmas, what would they be celebrating at this time of the year?

My characters, although I’m not sure of all of their religious affiliations, would be having a traditional Christmas.xmas tree


Their large Georgian home has lush green wreaths with jaunty red bows adorning windows on the outside, and the inside is warm and cozy with fireplaces lit and old fashioned Christmas decorations.

Scents of cinnamon and spices mingle with the mouthwatering aroma of freshly baked cookies and pies. Soft holiday music plays in the background.

It’s Christmas Eve. The massive tree in the living room sparkles with hundreds of tiny lights and intricate ornaments. Beautifully wrapped presents peek out from under the tree and Lia’s cat, Annie, sleeps on the rug in front of the fire.

Into this perfect scene wander the characters.

Nick, part of the family but no relation enters the empty room, looks around and pulls his hand from behind his back. The corners of his lips lift as he attaches the tiny piece of green to the top of the door frame. Voices drift in and Nick disappears.

MistletoeAunt Bianca and her husband James walk through the door. Bianca’s blond hair spreads down her back as she looks up to her smiling husband, but then she stops.

“Wait a minute, sweetheart.”


She pulls him back to the door. “Merry Christmas.”

Rising up on tiptoe, Bianca encircles her husband’s neck and gives him a loving kiss.

James eventually noticing the mistletoe, chuckles and pulls his wife to him for a second taste.


As James leaps away, Aunt Brie sweeps in. “Oh, for heaven’s sake. Who put up mistletoe?”

Bianca pats her husband’s butt as he walks away. “I don’t know, but I like it.”

As the discussion turns to tomorrow’s Christmas dinner and the guests expected, Annie wakes up and stretches before the fire. Her eyes move to the door and she runs to greet Lia.

Gold and green blend as Lia picks up the cat. Annie’s calico coat, rubbing against her mistress’s festive green dress, mingles with Lia’s long blond curls.Calico cats

“I’m headed out to a party. Just wanted to say goodnight.”

Nick appears in the doorway. “You look like a Christmas present. Who’s the lucky guy?”

“None of your business. Be nice to my cousin.”

A dimple peeks out as he grins. “You can be sure of that.”

“Be sure of what?” Alex says from behind him.

His voice deepens. “Alexandra.”

Alex tries to move into the room, but Nick is too quick. He traps her in his arms and captures her lips under the mistletoe.

She pushes him away, sees her family, and turns bright red.

Eyes snapping, she spins toward Nick. But, before she can complain, he points up at the tiny green sprig.

Lia, heading out the door, grins and whispers to her cousin. “Give it up. He’s never going to change.”

Both aunts favor Nick with smiles and Uncle James tends to the fire.

With his arm wrapped around Alex’s waist. Nick says. “Relax Alexandra. Everyone kisses under the mistletoe.”

And we leave this homey family scene.

Santa's new helper

Sammy loves Christmas


Are your characters having a happy holiday? Tell me about it.

And remember, whatever is going on, keep writing.




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2 thoughts on “It’s Christmas! Where Are Your Characters?

  1. Great scene and prompt! I’m feeling more in the holiday spirit already. I like this as a seasonal writing exercise to make sure I know my characters! I will think about what my characters are up to this Christmas. Some of them are ghosts, of course, but I’m sure they still consider the holiday!

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