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Seen from afar on a windy beach or along the edge of a cliff, Bianca Ferguson, nee beach crescentBrendani, resembles a fairy-tale creature, perhaps a wood sprite or a pixie. If you look a little closer, though, you’ll see that the wild blond vision is holding a sketchbook in her hand.

Bianca’s role in my story revolves around her art and her role as a loving aunt. Painting has always been part of her life. Her art flows from her brush as easily as words spill from her mouth. She’s been at me lately, however, to let her speak. She insists she has a life, apart from her painting, and she wants to talk about it.

I finally gave in and let her tell it her way. Here’s Bianca’s story:

Hi Everyone. I’m Bianca. I’m not a major character in Margo’s story, but I am important. I wish you could accompany me throughout the day to see who I really am. I still live in my childhood home with my wonderful husband, James, my beautiful daughter, Lia, my sister, my nephew, and my niece. Growing up, I had to fight to keep from disappearing behind my domineering older brother and sister, and the precious little baby sister. It wasn’t easy, but I learned early in life how to use my big, blue eyes to charm and manipulate people. My poor husband fell under my spell when we were in grammar school. I led him a merry dance before finally consenting to marry him.

My family tried to stop our marriage. They didn’t want James to find out about our psychic talents. I laughed at them. I’d already told him about our strangely different family a long time ago. He said he didn’t care if we kept dragons in the cellar, he’d never leave me.

Today, we’re as much in love as we were all those years ago. Most weekends, we take off on the motorcycle (my sister, Bree, hates the motorcycle) and go to wild and beautiful places where I sketch or paint. If the place is particularly isolated and no one is around, we make love. James was nervous the first time. He said it wouldn’t do for the owner of a fancy hotel in Newport, RI to be caught in a compromising situation. But I managed to persuade him. It wasn’t too difficult.

Sometimes we spend warm summer days drifting along in our kayak, stopping for lunch on an ocean beach or against a cool river bank. Weekend nights, we often go dancing in Newport,IMG_0159 where we meet people from all over the world. I love to dress up and play.

My other love is our beautiful daughter, Lia. Watching her grow into an independent young woman has completed my life. Sometimes I wish she’d be a little less self-sufficient and settle down with a nice young man. I’d like to have some grandchildren, but she’s as stubborn as her mother.

I have so much more to tell you about what goes on in the family and about our gifts, but Margo is giving me the high sign. Oh, well. At lemotorcycleast now when you read the book, you won’t think I’m some boring woman who just paints. You’ll know the real me. Maybe I’ll see you sometime in Newport. I’ll be the one laughing and hanging on to my husband as he guns the motorcycle.

Thank you, Bianca, for that candid view of your life. I’m not sure you needed to go into such detail, but I definitely have a much better idea of who you are, now. I’d never have guessed that you and James had so much, uh, fun. I promise to keep that in mind while writing Book II.

Well, there you have it, the real Bianca Brendani Ferguson in her own words. She certainly does have more to her life than her painting. Thanks for listening to one of my favorite characters. This exercise has been fun. I’ll try listening to what some of my other characters have to say and let you know if I find out anything interesting.

Do any of you take the time to listen to your characters? I’d love to hear about it.

In the meantime, keep writing!

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4 thoughts on “My Characters Speak

  1. Great post, Margo! I feel a new closeness with Bianca and hope you do the same with the other characters in this wonderful story. She seems so much more real to me, now that I’ve heard her speak.

    ~ Dianne

  2. Hi Margo!

    Great post. I learned a lot about my character, Bobbie, through this exercise. Bobbie is in the novel I’m currently working on. When I sat down with her today, here’s what she said:

    Hey. I’m Bobbie Hayward. Since you asked, I’ll tell you some of my story. I don’t need anyone and I’ve learned how to get by on my own. A long time ago, I left my boyfriend, who was also the father of my daughter, Maeve. I had a different name then, one I don’t plan on telling you. Maeve was only a year old. She doesn’t remember him, and when she asked about him for the first time, I told her he was dead. I hope he is.
    Maeve’s a lot softer than I am. I guess that’s good. She hasn’t had it easy, but life hasn’t knocked her around quite the way it has me. She’s married now, but her husband’s away a lot, traveling, so she comes to stay with me and brings my grandson. Elijah is about six now, and he’s an unusual boy. Seems only right though, doesn’t it? Maeve and I are not quite “usual” ourselves.
    I live next to cemetery, to start with. Though I can’t see half of what goes on out there at night, I have reason to know that there are spirits out there, some good, and some bad, and some in-between, just like the people who walk around during the day. I know enough to be a little cautious. I’ve tried to raise Maeve to be the same.
    I work in a women’s shelter called Rose’s House, but I call it “the briar patch.” We protect those who come there and teach them how to be a little more “thorny” themselves. When Maeve was growing up, I only volunteered at the shelter, so I worked a lot of other jobs. I was a waitress, a cashier, and a local cab driver. I stuck around long enough at the shelter though, that eventually they offered me a paying job.
    If you’re curious about me and the other inhabitants who live near my cemetery, watch out for the novel by Emily Livingstone and follow her on Twitter.

  3. Hi Em.
    Sounds like Bobbie lives in a kind of creepy place, although she doesn’t seem to mind living near a haunted cemetery.
    It’s kind of cool to hear the characters talk about themselves.
    Thanks, Bobbie, for talking to us.

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