Scrivener Tip – Synopses

The more I work with Scrivener, the more I realize just how fantastic this software is.

At the moment, I’m busy querying the first novel in my planned CACHE series – COLD, HARD CACHE.   About half the agents on my query list want a synopsis.  Most do not specify how long the synopsis should be, while the remainder request between one paragraph and three pages.

I’m a pantser and not a plotter, which means that I don’t have a blueprint I can use as a basis for my synopsis.

Once again, Scrivener to the rescue.

In the compile screen, under “Format As” options, you can choose “Synopses Outline” or “Synopses and Titles”.  This handy option will extract everything you added to the synopsis section of your manuscript.  Compile it to a word document and you have the start of a chapter-by-chapter synopsis or a quick overview of everything that happens in your story.

Of course you do have to use the synopsis feature in Scrivener in the first place.  I didn’t say this was magic, did I?

What tips and tricks have you found helpful when using Scrivener?  Please me know in the comments.


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