So many books – so little time

I tend to ignore what exactly is in my stack of books to read.  It is constantly changing – additions and books/magazines I’ve finished.  But its an ever growing pile so I never know what exactly I will find at any given moment.  I love books – I love the feel of them and turning the pages.  Not that I don’t love my Kindle too – but I grew up reading books in the library and I don’t think I will ever tire of holding them in my hands.

The current stack has a wide variety – I have Fish Nets and Fish Tales because I love short stories.  I have a Stephen King book, an historical fiction and a YA book.  I’m one of those aunts that likes to give my nieces and nephews books for Christmas – so I read them all before I send them out.  I justify that by saying that I don’t want to send them an inappropriate book or one that I don’t like.  That’s all true but I also just like to read them.

Other offerings include the current Ellery Queen and Alfred Hitchcock magazines.  I also have a few work journals that I read.  And I always have some sort of craft book or articles as I work to improve my writing and keep up with what’s happening in the industry.  The magazines are technically a separate stack but I consider it all one grouping.

Not too exciting and probably similar to other writers.  I always have a few library books around and if the truth be told, I have several shelves in one of my bookcases with history and fiction books that I haven’t read.  The stack includes only the current ones.

I’m sure you have an interesting stack – please feel free to share what you are reading.  I’m always in search of new authors to read.  Happy reading.

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2 thoughts on “So many books – so little time

  1. I need to explore more short stories. I like them when I actually sit and read them — but ultimately if I like the characters … I want more! Charlaine Harris has a few short stories that are timed between her full novels … that is fun characters that you know in just a short sweet dose.

  2. Short stories are fun. I love getting caught up with characters in a novel but sometimes a short read is nice at the end of the day. I like Charlaine Harris – I’ll look for her shorts. Reading a short story that ties into characters that you already know would be fun.

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