Contests – Love ‘em or Ignore them?

Ever entered a writing contest? I entered a number of them when I was younger but only one since I’ve gotten back into writing. That contest entry was an afterthought for a conference I was attending. I wasn’t successful.

Now when I receive contest announcements, I normally ignore them. Lots of rationalizations but mostly I don’t have time or think I’s worth my time. In August, I attended the Virginia Writer’s Club, Inc.’s Navigating Your Writing Life conference. In the afternoon, one session stood out about Contests and Getting Your Work Out. Based on the panel discussion, I’m again… Continue reading

Local Writer’s Groups

Do you belong to a local writer’s group?  When I moved, one of the ways that I thought I could meet like-minded people in my community was through a writer’s group.  A writing friend introduced me to a local chapter.

After joining both the local chapter and the state organization, I found that as in most things there were good aspects and not so good.  My chapter is made up of a lot of poets so there’s a high focus on poetry.  The programs are a mix of speakers and open readings sessions.  The speakers are diverse which is… Continue reading