Reading Out Loud

ReaderBoyDo you read your work out loud?  At least the dialogue?  There’s at least two times I find this helpful.

The first is when I am having trouble with a piece or the voice of a character.  Reading it out loud can give me a sense of rhythm or, more likely, the lack of the rhythm of that character’s statements.   The rough patches tend to stick out and I mark those as I go along.  Once I’ve finished the read-through, I’ll revise and then repeat this process until I’m satisfied… Continue reading

The Re-Application of Bum Glue

Last week I realized that I had unglued from my writing chair while editing my novel.  I decided to return to one of my favorite books on writing – Anne Lamott’s Bird by Bird – to see if I could find some ways to overcome my terror and enable myself to move forward.

The first six chapters of Bird by Bird discuss techniques that writers can employ to help overcome some of the psychological barriers that get in the way when they sit down to work.  Although these techniques deal specifically with writing, I think that they could also… Continue reading

Bum Glue

Well, isn’t this ironic?

My subject for this week’s blog post is Bum Glue – that elusive substance that successful writers credit with getting their work published.  In layman’s terms it is keeping your butt in your chair and getting the job done – the book written, the edits finished, the queries sent out.

After letting the glue get tacky and editing every day since the beginning of December (even through the holidays) – I’ve come undone.  I haven’t been motivated to edit my manuscript for the past five days!

Sure, I have lots of ‘excuses’ –… Continue reading