Writers’ Groups — From Heaven or Hell?

writer's groupFor as many different writers out there — there are different kinds of groups.

Some groups do nothing but write — like a group study hall and there is someone like a cross between the worst librarian figure saying “shhh” and Professor Snape knocking heads together if you so much as sneeze more than once.  There are some groups that critique and tear apart manuscripts with lots of red pen and harsh words.  There are some groups that you get together and write part of the time from a… Continue reading

From Whence Comes Your Encouragement?

The other day, I was feeling discouraged.  I couldn’t get my butt in the chair to work on any of my three works in progress … I had no ideas for my blogs and I had been rejected for a grant I had written for work.  I was about ready to just say “to heck with it all I didn’t need it anyway!”

Then I received a phone call.

Now Susan was a friend of my husband’s.  I don’t remember exactly when I last saw her — but my husband has been dead for more than 10 years… Continue reading