Making Up History

I’m busily writing a series of cozy mysteries called The Endurance Mysteries. The first book, Three May Keep a Secret [2014], introduced Grace Kimball, her friends and their small Midwest town of Endurance. In the second book, which will be out next year, one of Grace’s friends buys a Victorian home that is falling apart. This friend wants to restore it to its 1880’s splendor. Because of this plot decision, I had to create a history for this house. Grace researches its history for newspaper articles in the Endurance Register. I had a lot of fun creating a background for… Continue reading

Under the bed, in the bookshelf, on the floor – egads!

My other Mostly Mystery colleagues have been writing about the books they’re reading, so I thought I’d take a crack at it, too.

The first thing I noticed is I have stacks of books everywhere that I INTEND to read and a whole lot fewer that I AM reading. The ones I plan to read are probably more interesting than those already in the mill.

For one thing, I frequently challenge myself to read the classics. I had a pretty good grounding in these at one time but then veered off in other directions.  So, a copy of… Continue reading