My Characters Speak

Seen from afar on a windy beach or along the edge of a cliff, Bianca Ferguson, nee beach crescentBrendani, resembles a fairy-tale creature, perhaps a wood sprite or a pixie. If you look a little closer, though, you’ll see that the wild blond vision is holding a sketchbook in her hand.

Bianca’s role in my story revolves around her art and her role as a loving aunt. Painting has always been part of her life. Her art flows from her brush as easily as words spill from her mouth. She’s been at… Continue reading

Getting to know your Characters

Characters.  A necessity for every story.  When I starting writing, I tried to learn about the characters as I went along.  I also thought I was more of a plotter – so the plot was where I started.  That all changed as I grew as a writer and figured out that I was really more of a pantser.   At that point, the details of my protagonist’s and antagonist’s lives and personalities became much more important to know earlier. 

        Like most authors, I strive for an engaging and sympathetic protagonist.  One my readers will identify with… Continue reading