Digital Library Trends

libraryAs a writer, I think in terms of getting words on the page and telling the stories.  But I also realize that being aware of what’s going on in the business is important, especially since it seems to be changing so rapidly.   One area that has been discussed a lot by authors is how e-books fit into the library system.

Michael Kozlowski’s article Digital Library Trends for 2015 has some interesting information.  The report quotes a report by Library Journal that… Continue reading

Enjoying The Research

detectiveIn my first serious attempt at writing fiction, I decided to go with a mystery and an amateur sleuth. That type of book is called a Cozy.

I chose that genre because I’d read it for years. So, here’s what I did. In my mind I pictured the setting on the street where I grew up. The protagonist had two friends who were very much like my friends. And, the protagonist had a job in the same field I had worked. The only research I had to do was to… Continue reading