This Writer’s Revenge

books, mysteryI wrote my first story, a murder mystery, when I was about ten years old. I know I was influenced by my mother’s love of mysteries. She’d take me to the library every week and we’d go to the area of the stacks where all the book bindings had a yellow sticker with a Sherlock Holmes type imprint. I loved walking along the cool, dim rows between bookshelves reading titles that evoked bloody images. I know, sick, huh?

The other person who influenced that first story was my brother… Continue reading

Of the Gutenberg Bible and other things

I was supposed to attend a book club meeting this week. My thriller, MESSAGE FROM PANAMA, had been scheduled as the topic. The date has been postponed until July, a welcome relief as I’ve never spoken before a book club and have absolutely no idea what I’ll be asked, what I’ll say, and if I’ll throw up beforehand.

Book clubs always seem to read “important” works that have gold foil stickers on the front cover proclaiming some highly sought after but little known award.  My book was a finalist in two mystery competitions but I have that in very… Continue reading