Consider This When Choosing Book Talk Topics

Book talks are part of marketing, and some authors love them while others hate them. I’m in the first group. It’s tough to come up with topics for talks, especially when you are speaking to both people who have read your book and those who have not. My two rules of thumb for speech topics are to fit my talk to my audience and also consider my purpose.

Three May Keep a Secret, my first Endurance Mystery, came out near the end of 2014. Before its launch, I did a number of book talks locally. I spoke about how… Continue reading

Where Have I Been?

CalendarThe past writing month has been full speed ahead marketing my first book, a cozy mystery called Three May Keep a Secret. During the week before Christmas, I did seven book signings, two of them with talks; two radio interviews; and two newspaper interviews. This is what happens when your first novel comes out two weeks before Christmas. It’s a great time to sell books, but it results in total exhaustion…a good exhaustion. My first novel is already in its third printing even though it has only been released to… Continue reading

PubSmart 2014

Mid-April in Charleston, SC.  Like many others, I attended the first PubSmart conference “Emerging Authors, Emerging Avenues.”  There were some traditional editors and agents present but mostly this conference concentrated on self-publishing and what authors need to know (as well as any number of vendors happy to tell you what they could do for you).Pubsmart Panel3

I learned a lot.  I’ve been through the traditional publishing process in my work life (i.e., the one that pays the bills for now).  So I was familiar with the editing process, the length… Continue reading

How I Use Social Media to Create an Author Platform

The topic of the day here on Mostly Mystery is social media. Frankly, I’m a relative newcomer to using social media with my books and I’ve been learning as I go along. This month my website will be totally redone and my blog will be added to my website. So I guess you could say at the moment I’m under construction. My current website is here and it updates my news about my mysteries, but it centers more on my memoir about teaching. When the site is reconstructed, the mysteries will take front and center… Continue reading

Publishing Choices

This weekend I attended a workshop on “Paths to Publication” that focused on Traditional, Indie, and Self Publishing. The day-long workshop, put on by New England Sisters in Crime, featured panels on each of the publishing options, hybrid authors who use more than one type of publishing, and an author-editor connection between Hank Phillippi Ryan and her editor, Francesca Coltrera. The panel authors included Sheila Connolly, Jessie Crockett, Ray Daniel, Kate George, Rosemary Harris, Marian Lanouette, Edith Maxwell, P.M. Steffen, and Kevin Symmons. Moderators were Sharon Daynard, Michele Dorsey, Julie Hennrikus, Arlene Kay, and Liz Mugavero.

The following is… Continue reading