Winter’s Last Gasp – Please say it’s so!!!

I knew we were going to have snow again.  I knew and yet, I hoped that the weather person was wrong.  I love an occasional snow.  They were rare for me growing up in Texas.  But this winter has really been more than I wanted.

Buddha in snow (800x600) (640x480)I started out taking a few pictures but that wasn’t enough.  After being snowed in several days – I live out a bit on a gravel drive that is way more than I would ever shovel – I decided that I… Continue reading

The Muse and Writer’s Block

We’ve all experienced the dreaded writer’s block. That time when no words flow. We know the words are still there. It’s just our access is blocked for some reason. And we all have our tricks to keep that from happening. I sure do.

girl writingSome old favorites:

  • Don’t finish a chapter or a scene so you have a place to start.
  • Re-write the last paragraph as a starting point.
  • Don’t write all you know about the story so have something to begin with.

&nbsp… Continue reading

Dark Muse

There’s such an interesting smorgasbord of items to post about this week that at one time or the other in the past few days I’ve contemplated writing about all of them. But then, something happened and I haven’t been able to get it out of my mind. It’s the kind of thing we read about in our genre and it’s disagreeable enough experiencing it on the page. But to confront it in real life is something most of us – thank God – never have the “opportunity” to do.

I’m at once horrified, yet drawn to it the way… Continue reading