Crime Bake – Writing Conference Revitalization

Crime Bake Luau

Crime Bake Luau

Last weekend I attended my fourth Crime Bake, New England’s mystery-writing conference. Each year I wonder if the fare will be a repeat of the previous year, and each year I am pleasantly surprised. The selection of workshops at Crime Bake usually reflects the rapid changes in the writing industry, and the list of successful authors sharing their knowledge varies with each conference.

The guest of honor this year was Meg Gardiner, whose thrillers, beginning with her Edgar-winning novel, China Lake, have… Continue reading

No Time to Write?


Our lives are filled with responsibilities: family, work, and if we’re lucky enough, play. When do we have time to write?

In my first attempt at writing a mystery, I couldn’t find much time, certainly not on a regular basis. And, my work suffered. Each time I’d get back to the story, I’d have to re-read chapters to remind myself where the story had gone and where I wanted it to go. More importantly, I had forgotten all about my characters and their motivations. I found that trying… Continue reading

On stroopwafels and food in fiction

Delicious stroopwafels

Recently, a co-worker returned from Amsterdam with a treat for us: Stroopwafels. Now, if you’ve never heard of these, as I hadn’t, they are oversized buttery cookies with a caramel filling.  As I savored my one allotted and absolutely delicious stroopwafel, I thought, “Now, this is something from a Louise Penny novel.” Reality is good, but fiction – that’s where I can indulge in food without the calories.

As much as I read Penny for her wonderful characters and great plotting, I also… Continue reading