Where I Write … Kestrel T. Andersen

Well this is not an easy question to answer.  I live in a drafty old 1829 farmhouse and I depend greatly upon the season to answer the question of “Where I Write.”

Kestrel with the cats -- writing in the living room.

Kestrel with the cats — writing in the living room.

Since it is Spring (but early Spring) I am still writing near the woodstove in the living room.  I will have my netbook or my pad of paper and be sitting in my comfy chair… Continue reading

A Room with a View

When I planned my move I knew I would be mostly working from home.   Lots of light and a view to the outside became one of the most important considerations.  I’m one of those people who like to have some framework to work within.  For puzzles, I always start with the border.  In my writing, I almost always have a general idea of where it starts and ends.  It changes over time, but it’s a place to begin.  While it might sound strange to some people, in thinking about where I wanted to live, that was the starting point… Continue reading

Where do you write?

Years ago, when I visited Hemingway’s home in Key West, I was mostly struck by his writer’s office – a freestanding carriage house out back, near the pool and the lush tropical flowers, near where his six- and seven-toed cats ranged. As a place to work, you can’t really improve on that.

That is not anything like where I work. At the moment, there is snow on the ground outside. And I certainly don’t have a pool. I do have a cat. When he’s outside, he perches on the wicker sofa on the porch and looks… Continue reading