Twisted History: Playing the “What If” Game

TwistMost story plots are based on previously written fiction or our own history. Writers love to reach out and give the past a little twist, playing the “what if” game in the hopes of creating ideas unique enough to propel their story onto the best seller lists. You see “what if” all the time in Science Fiction where the ordinary and known world is flipped upside down. The lure of Science Fiction is the possibility that what you’re reading might actually materialize in the future. We readers are fascinated and disturbed at the… Continue reading

Purloined Prose or Synchronicity?

Purloined PlotsHow many times have you read a book, seen a movie, or watched a TV show that bore an uncanny resemblance to others you’ve encountered? I’m not talking about those endless remakes. Nor am I talking about déjà vu.

When a story line follows another so closely that you recognize the plot, does that mean that the author has stolen the plot from someone else? Probably not. Could it be synchronicity? Google defines synchronicity as the simultaneous occurrence of events that appear significantly related but have no discernible… Continue reading

Where Do You Get Your Ideas?

After reading Britt’s post, Found, I mused about the many plot ideas it engendered. People always want to know where writers get their ideas. The answer, inevitably, is real life.



A walk on a deserted, seaweed-lined beach today, gave me an idea for a story. I’ve attempted to give you the steps I took to develop three different plots from my beach discovery.

As soon as I stepped onto the sand, I spotted movement off to my left. Covering my eyes, I saw a… Continue reading