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Me & Jasper

Me & Jasper

My love of reading has taken me to wonderful places with so many different characters. If you ask me what kind of books I like, I can’t come up with just one type. Reading has always been cathartic to me, and I can get hooked on any piece of good writing.

As a child, I loved Nancy Drew. Those books ignited my love for mysteries. Then, writers like Pearl S. Buck, Robert Michener and Irving Stone caught my imagination and I… Continue reading

Under the bed, in the bookshelf, on the floor – egads!

My other Mostly Mystery colleagues have been writing about the books they’re reading, so I thought I’d take a crack at it, too.

The first thing I noticed is I have stacks of books everywhere that I INTEND to read and a whole lot fewer that I AM reading. The ones I plan to read are probably more interesting than those already in the mill.

For one thing, I frequently challenge myself to read the classics. I had a pretty good grounding in these at one time but then veered off in other directions.  So, a copy of… Continue reading

My Bookshelf

Over the past couple of years I’ve morphed from an avid fiction reader to a reader mainly of non-fiction.  Not even creative non-fiction, but business non-fiction and text books.  While every business owner should be reading about business and actually reading one’s school textbooks is an excellent idea, the fact that my love of fiction has been sacrificed makes me quite disheartened.   I remember the time when I regularly finished two books a week.  I was commuting on public transportation at the time and reading made the 90 minute one-way commute seem considerably shorter.  When I moved and replaced the… Continue reading