Springtime in Endurance

As I sit in my office looking out at the rain and wind in our Illinois spring, I am reminded that the little town in my mysteries, Endurance, is based on the spot where I live. Right now the ornamental trees and shrubs are in full bloom, and the gingko tree in my 009 (320x249)front yard is just starting to grow its interesting triangular-shaped leaves. Mother Nature is definitely changing courses and revving up the green colors to move into summer. Nature is something we can’t hurry.

In recent weeks… Continue reading

Spring into Writing

My favorite seasons are spring, summer, and early fall. In New England those are the seasons with warmth and light. And, surprise, those are the seasons in which my books are situated.

Some of my writing leans toward the darker side. You’d think that I’d want to spin my plot in a more suitable season, perhaps at the end of October when spirits are said to roam. Not so far. I’ve been more comfortable writing settings with birds, butterflies, and happy tourists. I like my characters to perspire, dive into pools, and wear sandals with their sundresses. Of course… Continue reading