Social Media Review, Part 2

My first post on social media discussed Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and why social media is necessary for writers. This post I’ll discuss Google+, Pinterest, and Tumblr.


Google+, a.k.a. Google Plus, is the social networking component of Google’s suite of applications that includes mail, calendar, Hangouts, and Drive, to name just a few. In Google+ you create circles – as many as you like – which can be private or public, and you can add or invite anyone to join a circle.   You write posts, which can include images and videos, and share with… Continue reading

Social Media – why, what, how, who

Instead of discussing how I use social media I’m going to share an overview of a variety of social media platforms.  This post will cover Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.  A later post will discuss Google+, Pinterest, and Tumblr.  I’ll discuss why to use social media, what the demographics and best uses of each is, how they can be used, and who is using them well.

First of all, and most important of all, is the why.  Why use social media?

Analyzing what the words mean provides the answer. Social is both a noun and an adjective – an… Continue reading

How I Use Social Media to Create an Author Platform

The topic of the day here on Mostly Mystery is social media. Frankly, I’m a relative newcomer to using social media with my books and I’ve been learning as I go along. This month my website will be totally redone and my blog will be added to my website. So I guess you could say at the moment I’m under construction. My current website is here and it updates my news about my mysteries, but it centers more on my memoir about teaching. When the site is reconstructed, the mysteries will take front and center… Continue reading