A New {Year} Evolution

Time always seems to gain speed after Thanksgiving and the end of the Year is rushing towards us, bringing with it the tradition of New Years Resolutions and all the baggage that carries.

I think the last time I subscribed to the notion that January 1st is when Major Changes Should Be Made was back in the early 90s.  My change cycle and resolutions are linked instead to the major milestones in my life.

I’ve just reached one, completing my Masters degree this past week, and I’m eagerly looking ahead, contemplating what I’m going to do with all… Continue reading

My Bookshelf

Over the past couple of years I’ve morphed from an avid fiction reader to a reader mainly of non-fiction.  Not even creative non-fiction, but business non-fiction and text books.  While every business owner should be reading about business and actually reading one’s school textbooks is an excellent idea, the fact that my love of fiction has been sacrificed makes me quite disheartened.   I remember the time when I regularly finished two books a week.  I was commuting on public transportation at the time and reading made the 90 minute one-way commute seem considerably shorter.  When I moved and replaced the… Continue reading