Christmas Panama Style

This will be our 9th Christmas in Panama and, after 34 years in the snowy, icy environs of Washington, DC and its suburbs, seeing all the palm trees with little lights still makes me think wistfully of past Christmas Eves by the fire, the caroling in the neighborhood while the fluffy white flakes came down, all that Currier and Ives stuff that we actually lived.  You hear this lament all the time from folks who’ve moved far south, particularly from those in Florida.  But, after all, we did make the decision to come to Central America and we… Continue reading

Bah, humbug

SA Wire ArtChristmas has not been the same since we moved to Virginia, going on four years now. My children and stepchildren are grown.  Most of them have settled in Wisconsin with their families, although some are in California, Michigan, and New Jersey.  I’d love to have them here for the holidays, but expecting all twenty+ of them to trek across the country to celebrate Christmas with us is impractical.

Being far from family is hard during the holidays, but we are starting new ‘empty nest’ traditions, and continuing some… Continue reading