Likeable Villains??

I just attended a great workshop taught by Carol Bugge entitled Villains, Heroes, and villainSidekicks–Crafting Characters that thrill readers (and SELL books). The workshop was put on by Sisters in Crime, New England.

I needed to learn more about villains and give them their proper place in my work. Not only do I leave their development until later, but, sometimes, I don’t figure out who they are until it’s absolutely necessary. I have one cozy set aside because I can’t decide who did it. But, I’m learning.

In order… Continue reading

Beyond the ‘Yellow Peril’

Throughout history, crime fiction has reflected the mores and beliefs of the age—as well as pushed those boundaries. So crime fiction has both mirrored, and battled, racism and other stereotypes.
It’s no surprise that mystery writer and Anglican priest Ronald Knox, during the Golden Age of mysteries, included this directive in his 10 Commandments of Detective Fiction: “No Chinaman must figure in the story.” Knox was probably tired of this cliched figure, knowing that it reflected badly on a culture. Continue reading