The Road to Hell …

… is paved with good intentions.

Yup that sort of reflects my writing life this past month.

I intend to write a blog post and then life intervenes.  My cat has an abcess on his shoulder and demands a vet appointment with twice a day doses of pink bubblegum flavored antibiotic that I am sure he objects to because he is a masculine kitty not some namby-bambi gum chewing kitty.January 2012 007

I intend to write a blog post and then my blind – deaf Springer Spaniel lost her spring and spent many nights pacing the house and I slept (I use that word figuratively) on the love seat so I could be nearby to let her out  when she needed to go.  Who’s stupid idea was it to get a love seat and not a real sofa?  I am sure it wasn’t mine!  It is hard to fit a five foot nine body onto a love seat.  Ultimately she had one seizure too many and when she stopped eating we needed to make that dreaded one way trip to the vet’s office.Jasmine April 2013

I intend to write a blog post and the vermicomposter gets delivered and I have to figure out what to do with the shredded paper and crushed coconut hull before the one pound of red wigglers decide to kick the bucket.  The funny thing is the next morning they are all trying to escape like the prisoners from Alcatraz and my kids and I are picking them up and putting them back in before they dry out on the porch!

I intend to write a blog post when all of a sudden I get it into my head that I need to enter a writing competition or two.  So days of working on pieces to submit and I have to determine by asking every writer I know, “What is a personal narrative essay that reads like fiction?” — I have yet to really understand that one.  But I dutifully handed in a 1200+/- word essay.  My second competition is currently almost finished.  I thought I had a 6000 word count and then when I read the directions again I learned I had to cut 1000 words … oops.  I can honestly say it takes almost as long to cut 1000 words than it takes to write 6000!

Right, and then I delude myself into thinking that I have my own manuscripts that I am trying to add to in all my free time when I am not chauffering children to school and dance.  Or volunteering on town councils and groups and … oh yeah, I work full-time!

So I intend to write a blog post … I really do and then somehow life gets in the way.  Now if life could stay away from my to-do list … things would be much easier and I might actually have a post written on time.  Part of me thinks — if I were just disciplined enough I would have no problem, but then I look at my calendar and my obligations and say … everyone only has 24 hours…

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