Three Words – An Alternative to New Year’s Resolutions

I’m not much on resolutions. I don’t find that I keep them for very long – or that others do either. But as I was following tweets and reading a few blog posts, I saw a few entries about finding 3 words for the new year. It’s a new take on an old concept and it resonated with me.

My three words are: Connect, Create and Contribute. I’ve chosen three words that can be broadly interpreted, can allow me to make large or small changes, and that are easily remembered.

ConnectionConnect. This will prompt me to connect with others more. We all know writing is a solitary life but I hope to actually meet more of my fellow writers and have a better network. I also want to connect more deeply with my characters.  To start, I’m taking the Emotional Intensity Workshop through the SinC Guppy organization to help me with adding additional levels to my writing.

Create. I’m already writing and doing some of this. But rather than a specific goal, I’m thinking that I want my life to more fully reflect that I am a creative person. Again, it’s really broad in that I can use this to create the life I want by making a few changes I have procrastinated in making. I can create more works – writing, drawing, photography – it all counts. Or I can create changes in my home life or work life that results in my larger goals of how I want to live.

Contribute. For this word, I want my life to have meaning so contributing in some ways is important. This can be through my writing or my volunteer activities but I’d like to find more ways of doing this. Also, I have just joined another small critique group that will allow me to both connect with my writing friends but also contribute to their journeys as writers.

I have my three C’s – something I can remember and that mean something to me. Three that are related and that build on each other.

What about you? Did you make resolutions or have you chosen 3 words for yourself? If you have, what were they? And if you haven’t but want to, what would you choose?

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3 thoughts on “Three Words – An Alternative to New Year’s Resolutions

  1. Thanks – I still set goals as well – I’m a list person myself. But liked the idea of something more conceptual for the year too.

  2. Hi Carolyn,
    I love the idea of three important, yet flexible, words. Flexibility is something I have to remember. I have a little OCD. I’m going to find three meaningful words and use them to refresh me when I feel empty.

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