What Happened to My Time?

writing handOne month off! Hallelujah, I can write. 

I should be able to finish the manuscript I’ve been working on. What could possibly get in the way?

Of course, I do have my doctor’s appointments scheduled for this down time, so that will take a chunk out of a couple of days. And I do have two staff meetings for work and my student’s graduation. But again, that will only pull out a few more chunks time. Oh, and then there’s the wedding, three hours away in North Conway, NH. My husband and I decided to take the weekend so we could play there. But, other than that, I have plenty of time.

My son's wedding

My son’s wedding

Whoops, I almost forgot–my writer’s group. We meet for three or four hours once a week. That doesn’t really count because I’ll be discussing my work, getting feedback on it, and brainstorming new ideas. There’s also this blog, Mostly Mystery, and my own, Haunted Pen. But blogging is actually writing, although not on my manuscript. And, then I can’t forget about social media. Checking out and contributing to Facebook and Twitter takes up some time.

If we’re talking about checking things out, I should mention that I belong to a few writing groups who send lots of emails that need my perusal. My email list also contains information from certain blogs that I follow. I wouldn’t want to miss something important in those. But, all these things have to do with writing, right?

I suppose I can’t forget about the human element. Sigh. My family and friends. I’ll have to take time out to have coffee or lunch with them, maybe take a day to drive to RI to visit my son and grandchildren. Of course, I love being with them, but. . .

Sammy filing

Sammy filing

Then there are my cats, Sammy and Jasper. Well, mostly Sammy. He loves to play and I’m his favorite playmate. Ignoring him doesn’t work. If I don’t take time out to play with him, he walks all over my desk, chair and computer keyboard. Sometimes he bites my elbow. People have suggested that I close my office door. I tried that. Sammy spent the time meowing and throwing himself at the door. I couldn’t stand it. So, now I adjust. Play for a few minutes, write. Play for a few minutes, write.

Sammy typing

Sammy typing

And then I belong to a couple of neighborhood groups. I’m the secretary. So, there will be the odd job I’ll have to do for them. But, otherwise, I’m free to write.

Yesterday, I had a couple of great ideas and got to work early in the morning. I got maybe a thousand words or so down on paper. Most of the time was spent in research. Honestly, once you get out into cyberspace, it seems to take forever. I might have gotten side-tracked trying to find the perfect map. Confession: the worst time-thief for me is the computer.



Give me a writing block and I think a quick (are you kidding me?) game of solitaire or Sudoku will grease the wheels of my brain. When my fingers and wrist begin to ache, I snap out of it and realize that I’ve frittered away hours on the damn games.

Or, how about rewarding yourself for a great dinner and a clean kitchen by watching one (once more, are you kidding?) show on TV. Well, now it’s too late to write, isn’t it? Maybe a little reading before bed. Although, I do often get some great ideas when I’m reading.

Tomorrow. I’ll start again tomorrow. I’ll really get some writing done, tomorrow.

Note to self: Keep Writing!

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