What is on Kestrel’s Bedside Table

I have a veritable ton of books on my bedside table:  some raunchy romance, some gentler romance, some biography, some histories, some humorous, some nutrition / health, some kind of environmental, and some kind of children/youth literature.  However these titles do not include the list on my Kindle and on my iPhone (Kindle App) – that is like having a library in your pocket!  But then, should I also include the audio books in the car?

Since it would take too long to go into everything I will select the four strangest books to talk about today for those might be the most entertaining.  I am a firm believer that all books serve some purpose, even if the reader doesn’t completely agree with the material.  The reader is experiencing the importance of persuasive argument if nothing else – though my preference is inspiring memoir or health / nutrition if I am reading non-fiction … that information is always helpful and can find its way into your manuscript in so many different ways.

One book that I have on my bedside table is: “Worms Eat My Garbage: how to set up and maintain a worm composting system” by Mary Appelhof.   I just bought a worm bin and I am re-reading this book.  This is a great book chock full of worm trivia and how-to ideas about home composting.  If you have any interest in gardens and composting I would recommend this book.  Will worms end up in my manuscript?  Well I have a youth mystery work in progress and it is possible that some nuggets of information could end up there for the youth mystery is set in a rural community and the student goes to a high school with a Vocational Agriculture Department.  Worms might make a great school project!

Another book that is on my to-read list is “World War Z” which is coming out as a movie in June.  I have promised my thirteen-year-old son that I will take him and his class-mates to the midnight viewing (because I am a glutton for punishment and really want to see a movie about Zombies trying to take over the world! Yeah right?!).  Will this book make it into my manuscript?  Only if I am trying really hard to be cool; maybe the heroines can make a comment about some classmate’s silly mother…

The third book that I will mention is “Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease: the revolutionary, scientifically proven, nutrition-based cure” by Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr. M.D.  Now I feel real virtuous when I list this one on my bedside table.  It is a very informative book and I feel that if I were to follow this material I would be healthier and live much longer.  Since my husband died unexpectedly from a heart attack more than ten years ago, I wish I had found this book earlier.  Do I follow it religiously?  No, but I am leaning into it and I am adding more and more vegetarian meals into the schedule.  Just when I am about to pat myself on the back though – the schedule runs into the hectic zone and I hit the drive through and wreak havoc to the whole thing.  But hey, life happens … will these ideas make it into my manuscript?  As a matter of fact it will for the parents of the student with the worm bin are vegetarians, so her worms will have a wonderful diet of organic veggie scraps!  They become vegetarians after the father had a health scare when the student was a toddler and since there was a family history of heart failure the parents changed their diet to make sure that didn’t happen again.

The last book on my “to-read” list is, “The Quest of the Warrior Sheep” by Christine & Christopher Russell.  This is a book that I picked up from the library because it had a cute cover: a flock of cartoon sheep one having a cell phone in a plastic bag hanging around its neck like a piece of jewelry.  It has been at my house forever (I am a library director and believe in long term loans, as in, “Oops do I still have that book?”)  My eleven-year-old daughter read it and loved it.  Do I think this book will make it into the manuscript?  Well the concept of a flock of sheep finding a cell phone and trying to keep it from the evil villains is cute … I don’t really see how I can make the idea work – this one will have to be pure escapism.

Janet Evanovich and Lemony Snicket are in the car keep us laughing and entertained … they are pure escapism and that is fine for we cannot be working all the time.



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  1. You have some great books on your bedside table! I like reading how you synthesized the topics of a couple of the books for inclusion in your fiction. Perhaps sheep could figure in your story after all 😀

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