Where do you write?

Years ago, when I visited Hemingway’s home in Key West, I was mostly struck by his writer’s office – a freestanding carriage house out back, near the pool and the lush tropical flowers, near where his six- and seven-toed cats ranged. As a place to work, you can’t really improve on that.

That is not anything like where I work. At the moment, there is snow on the ground outside. And I certainly don’t have a pool. I do have a cat. When he’s outside, he perches on the wicker sofa on the porch and looks directly into the window of the office. He’ll meow loudly and scratch at the window until I let him in. So much for concentrating.

Both my husband and I have computers in the same room, what used to be a formal dining room and now is our office. My corner is usually overflowing with books and papers. I wear many different hats – I edit books, I review books and I put together a newsletter for the Guppies, a 500-member chapter of Sisters in Crime.  A low bookcase spans one wall. This holds just some of my books, plus an old-fashioned typewriter and a huge dictionary that belonged to my parents (more for show, since I mostly use an online dictionary now). Because I’m also a journalist, I have an old-fashioned newspaper stand that I’ve repurposed to hold more books.

This will never be Hemingway’s sweet spot, but it does the job! Where do you write?

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