Where Have I Been?

CalendarThe past writing month has been full speed ahead marketing my first book, a cozy mystery called Three May Keep a Secret. During the week before Christmas, I did seven book signings, two of them with talks; two radio interviews; and two newspaper interviews. This is what happens when your first novel comes out two weeks before Christmas. It’s a great time to sell books, but it results in total exhaustion…a good exhaustion. My first novel is already in its third printing even though it has only been released to buyers for about a month.

Midwest winterHowever, there is a teeny, little problem. I live in a small town in the Midwest, so marketing during January thru March is not a for-sure proposition. The roads get bad, blizzards hit, and being out on those roads for book signings isn’t such a great idea. In fact, not too many book signees are going out on those roads either to get my little book. So what is an author to do?

I’ve been doing guest blogs on the internet, hosting other authors on my website, and doing interviews for the Sisters in Crime Newsletter, First Draft. These are all ways to get my book and my biography out there when I can’t be out there with them. I’ve also continued to drop off copies of my book to stores that are selling them on consignment.

library1Planning for the spring is another big part of the winter hibernation. I had a book signing this month, and I have one at a library next month and also one in April. But right now I’m laying plans to go farther afield and get into more populated areas in the spring. Also, our own local library is part of a system that has multiple libraries in the same group, and most are within a two-hour drive. So I will be setting up book signings at those libraries for when the roads get better and the trees start to bud.

laws of murderMeanwhile, my publisher has decided to buy my second book, Marry in Haste, and has suggested I write a third. So I think that will also give me plenty to do during the cold winter nights. I’m interviewing the great mystery writer, Charles Finch, for First Draft. His Lenox mysteries are about an aristocratic detective, Charles Lenox, who lives in Victorian London. Check him out.

In May I will be going to my first book conference, Malice Domestic, in Bethesda, Maryland. I’m hoping to take a side tour and visit Edgar Allan Poe’s grave in Baltimore. I’ll also be interviewing Hallie Ephron, who will have a new book out in March. Book conferences are a way to meet fans and other authors and get great ideas from listening to author panels. I’m looking forward to that.

In the meantime, you can find me here every couple of weeks on Mostly Mystery.

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