Where I Write … Kestrel T. Andersen

Well this is not an easy question to answer.  I live in a drafty old 1829 farmhouse and I depend greatly upon the season to answer the question of “Where I Write.”

Kestrel with the cats -- writing in the living room.

Kestrel with the cats — writing in the living room.

Since it is Spring (but early Spring) I am still writing near the woodstove in the living room.  I will have my netbook or my pad of paper and be sitting in my comfy chair with either a lap blanket or a cat … depending on which is cooperating.  In later Spring or early Summer I will shift to a three-season room that my kids and I call “The Cat Room,” not because of the color of the lights, but because when we have rescued cats we acclimatize them in “The Cat Room” before letting them loose in the rest of the house. However, the Cat Room gets too hot in summer and I then move to the screened-in porch on the eastern side of the house where I can watch the sunrise over the maple tree and old church foundation and sip my morning beverage of choice … sometime tea or sometimes coffee, I never know what I will prefer.  Then in Autumn I return to the Cat Room for the porch is too cool.

Now just because I seem to have a schedule of where I will write that does not take into account that I do actually have an office, but recently my office has been so darn messy that I try to avoid it as though I might get some contagious disease.  Hence the netbook, which has WiFi capability and has given me the freedom to avoid the catastrophe.

I also have been known to write while my children are at dance class. So this means the netbook travels with me and I add words to my manuscript in the dance teacher’s basement. I have also taken the netbook to dance workshops and found coffee shops where I can add to manuscripts. Lots of fun and lots of caffeine later — I can then drive home knowing I will be WIDE-awake.

Most of my planning and thinking happens in the car — I am a single mother who does a fair amount of commuting and chauffeuring. So in between audio books I sometimes will just ponder — who is my killer, why does he/she want to do this? What is the next step to discover …


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