Winter’s Last Gasp – Please say it’s so!!!

I knew we were going to have snow again.  I knew and yet, I hoped that the weather person was wrong.  I love an occasional snow.  They were rare for me growing up in Texas.  But this winter has really been more than I wanted.

Buddha in snow (800x600) (640x480)I started out taking a few pictures but that wasn’t enough.  After being snowed in several days – I live out a bit on a gravel drive that is way more than I would ever shovel – I decided that I needed some way to make this bearable.  I have a small Buddha out in the front, so I would check out how far it was buried each day.  Seeing the snow go down made me feel much better.

Hedgehog tracks (480x640)That still didn’t satisfy me and being a writer, I looked  around for something else.  And I found tracks.  Or at least what I thought were tracks. But hard to tell what animal they might have been made from.   So I investigated.

Hedgehog 2 tracksWith my winter gear and snow boots, I trudged out into the 8 inches of snow and began to follow them.  I finally found some tracks under a bit of cover that were clearer.  A picture or two and I was back inside searching the internet for what made them.

Several clicks later and it turned out to be a hedgehog.  There was a hedgehog that ventured across the country road I live on in the spring but I chased it off.  They aren’t great to have around.

More hedge tracks (640x480)This was my first sighting that it was back.  Time for more investigating.  I knew the hedgehog traveled under my deck and probably weathered the storm there.  But I wondered where it went next.  Back on with the winter gear, I was outside searching.  Sure enough, the hedgehog came out the far side, traveled over a meadow, by my shed and then into the trees.  I didn’t see where it came out.

The next day I checked the tracks again.

Double tracks (480x640)



This time I had cat tracks beside the first set.  I wondered why the cat didn’t use the trail laid by the hedgehog.

The cat took a different route up over the deck and through the areas more protected from snow.

Various tracks (640x480)As the snow has cleared, the deer have been out and a few other animals – all of the tracks now crisscrossing each other.

But I kept thinking about the hedgehog – and a bit about the cat.  Could there be a picture book in there?  Or maybe I was remembering one where a character followed tracks around – but possibly a fun kind of kid’s mystery.  I may write something along those lines or after letting this all percolate for a while, I may go in a different direction.  But at the end of the day, I was distracted and my brain was clicking away on the possibilities of a children’s story.

What about you?  Has the long winter and all the snow sparked any story ideas for you?

2 thoughts on “Winter’s Last Gasp – Please say it’s so!!!

  1. Hi Carolyn, The only ideas sparked by this #x#x snow have been very, very dark. Thankfully, the weather here has changed and is almost spring-like. With the advent of daylight savings, I’ve come out of my funk and begun creating again. Hallelujah!
    Your critter story sounds like fun.

    • Hi Margo – Had to laugh at your description of the snow. I’m really tried of it as well. Finally headed south for a couple of days just to get some warmth and sunshine. Hopefully we are now into the real spring although here in Virginia, that lasts about 3 days before we are plunged into summer and humidity. But I’ll be happy to see it!!

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