Writing Spaces – Ideals, Dreams, and Reality

I have a very vivid picture in my head of a specific writing space, a space I want to inhabit. I suppose you could call it my dream writing space. The room has dark wood beams and white walls. The walls are not drywall painted white, but appear to be plastered. My desk is dark wood and placed against a wall of bookcases. If I turn to my right there is an ocean view out of the window. The room is not at ground level, but is on the second – or third floor – of a house.

That’s it. That is all I know about this space.  I don’t know how big it is, or if there is any other furniture in the room, or even which country or state it is in.

I’m not one taken to fancy, so I don’t consider that this space is from a past before this one. I also find it hard to believe that this space actually exists or that I will find it. Therefore I must consider what about this space I can replicate, and perhaps why I feel the urge to replicate it.

Another ideal writing space

Another ideal writing space – the desk of a cruise ship!

The first thing I sense about the space is that it is quiet, peaceful, and somewhat isolated from the rest of the house. I haven’t yet reached a point where I can have a room dedicated only for writing. My basement office is set aside for business, schoolwork and crafts. The shelves carry textbooks, business books, craft magazines, and craft supplies. When I sit at the desk and write I feel uncomfortable.  I feel that I should be working on my business, doing my homework, or using the craft supplies that I have collected and keep collecting.

This leads me to take my laptop upstairs and sit in my living room to write. This is, most definitely, not isolated from the rest of the house. When I turn my head to the left, I can see the kitchen, which is a bit of a mess this morning.  Although I really enjoyed having a long weekend and doing almost nothing but relax, the consequences are in plain sight.

The living room is where the cats spend most of their time.  In the morning they take turns lying in the open windows. In the afternoon they retire to their usual spots – the Crows Nest for Molly, the perch behind the recliners for Sheena, and the loveseat for Oliver. I have been a regular fixture in the lounge over the past couple of weeks because I have been writing every day. The cats have realized that my lap is possibly available and have taken turns to try and find a spot to lie down between my chin and the keyboard. So far they haven’t figured out that the spot near my feet is the best place to be when I’m writing.

The living room is not that quiet either. I usually have the windows open in the morning, when the sun is still on the opposite side of the house. I can hear the traffic on Route 1, the occasional dog barking, and the birds chirping in nearby trees. Two mornings a week the garbage removal trucks shatter the semi-silence, an activity that always sends the cats scurrying from their windowsills.

The main ingredient that is missing is that there is no water visible from any room in this house. If there were, I would have made that area my writing space because water is the key ingredient in my dream writing space. Although the water in my dream space is not just any water– it’s definitely the ocean – at this point any water would do.

There are a couple of options for creating an almost-ideal space to write at home, all of which will require planning, time, and some money.  Although I can’t duplicate the water view I could install a water feature and frame some photographs of the ocean (I have many to choose from).  The basement office will take more to turn into a writing space, but there is an upstairs bedroom, which is quieter and more isolated.

I’m starting to get excited about this project! I have to do some research and planning first, but will keep you informed of my progress.

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2 thoughts on “Writing Spaces – Ideals, Dreams, and Reality

  1. I love how you focus on the most important aspects of your dream. I, too, have a dream writing space. And mine is also populated by two cuddly cats.
    Thanks, Margo

    • My cats love it when I write sitting in my comfy – because then I sit still for long periods of time and they can jump on my lap. They do try and jump onto my desk but then they become bothersome by lying on the keyboard. I wonder if I could invent a writing/cat chair or something like that for writers with cats? 😀

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